Amex Bluebird Card Quick Start Guide

The Bluebird card by American Express is an alternative to banking for consumers. It is especially good for people that have difficulties finding a checking account. It is additionally perfect for folks that want access to a debit card they're able to simply add money to and employ often. This protects their primary bank account from potential fraud because they could infrequently use their checking account for purchases.

BlueBird Card Features

There are many features which are attractive using this type of card. You will have to compare these functions making use of their competitors and see the difference.

No monthly fee
No annual fee
No overdraft fee
No minimum balance
No credit review
Add funds for free via direct deposit, your bank account, mobile check deposits, or at Walmart
Pay bills online or via mobile app

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BlueBird Card Registration

Once you already know what a Bluebird card is the next thing is a Bluebird Account Set Up Kit from Walmart. The kit costs only $5 to buy. The kit has a temporary Bluebird card. While you're acquiring the kit on the cash register you can even add funds immediately on the card.

The second step is usually to register for your permanent card. This process can be achieved online via this website - – American Express Bluebird Card. At the website there exists a Register button that features a form to get completed. Some from the details that need to become entered are the temporary card number, 4 digit 3 digit, your name, develop a password, create an ATM PIN, etc.

Lastly assess the terms of service and select the AGREE and SUBMIT button. When your qualifies you may receive a Welcome email from American Express. Your new permanent card will be sent in the mail that you simply should receive within 7 business days.

After you receive your brand-new card it will likely need to be activated which can be done online. It may also be activated by calling the toll free number in your card. After every item has completed start adding funds in your card and spending.